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The Lord Lieutenant of San Francisco

Cid Ducatillon KtY, was nominated as Ya'ax Knight (Green Knight) in February 2009 and will receive this Honour of Yaximixche in the next Knighthood Ceremony in 2010.

He has been Lead Builder and Building Manager for 4 London sims. His hard work in that role was performend with honesty and without regard for any personal gain. Cid Ducatillon contribution to recreating the city of London in Second Life has been enormous and involved an exemplary professional conduct and willingness to help anyone.

Cid is very focused on creating designs that are environmentally friendly using materials that are sustainable. He has tirelessly worked with minimal compensation to create aesthically pleasing and functional structures with an eye towards technical perfection and minimal prim usage. His designs are brilliant, fresh and innovative.

His building techniques reflect a great deal of artistry, style, and technical expertise. He is very conscious of prim usage while maintaining the form and function of the build.

Cid has mentored dozens of people in Second Life. Because of this they have become accomplished builders and have also embraced his practice of honesty and hard work.

He has also set a standard of honorable business practices in addition to teaching building techniques to hundreds of SL citizens. All this without regard for monetaty compensation.

Sir Ducatillon is intuitive and has a sharp mind, a special eye for design and has performed a lot of voluntary work in-world and real life. In addition, he has created a successful real life company named StudioRezz Architects.

Recent events attended by the Lord Lieutenant

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Studio Rezz Design


is your only limitation.
Create challenges to the outskirts of yours (and everyone elses) ideas.
Accept that change is the accelerated way of the future.

Understand that within each of us, a mastery exists!

The office of Vice Lord Lieutenant of San Francisco

The Vice Lord Lieutenant is appointed by the Lord Lieutenant from one of the deputies. The Vice Lord Lieutenant stands in for the Lord Lieutenant when he is away from the County. The Vice Lord Lieutenant stands down when the Lord Lieutenant, who made the appointment, relinquishes the post or retires, and a new one is appointed. This provides opportunity for change. A subsequent change of appointment may also be made at the discretion of the Lord Lieutenant. Currently the Lord Lieutenant has not appointed The Vice Lord Lieutenant.

Deputy Lieutenants

Deputy Lieutenants are commissioned by the Lord Lieutenant, subject to confirmation by The Private Secretary that The Princess of Yaximixche approves of the appointment.

The function of a Deputy Lieutenant is to assist in the performance of any public duty performed by the Lord Lieutenant.

With the population of San Francisco at almost 1 million, the maximum establishment of Deputy Lieutenants is 10. This is entirely at the discretion of the Lord Lieutenant. However, the present number of Deputy Lieutenants on the active list stands at 0 due to the new Lord Lieutenant appointment. This number allows greater opportunity for Deputy Lieutenants to act on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant. Every endeavour will be made to apportion duties to Deputy Lieutenants on an equitable basis.

The qualifications for Deputy Lieutenants, as set out in the Lieutenancies Act, mean that a person may be appointed a Deputy Lieutenant if:

1. He or she is shown to have rendered appropriate service - such service includes service as a member of, or in a civil capacity, in connection with the Armed Forces, or any other suitable form of public service; and
2. He or she has a place of residence in, or within seven miles from the boundary of the County.

Deputy Lieutenants who leave the active establishment may be permitted by the Lord Lieutenant to remain on the Retired List and to retain the use of the letters DL. They will not usually be asked to carry out duties as Deputy Lieutenants, but will be invited to attend most events.

A Deputy Lieutenant is appointed as Vice Lord Lieutenant, and will stand in for the Lord Lieutenant when he is away from the County.

Requests to Deputy Lieutenants to stand in for the Lord Lieutenant will come via The Vice Lieutenant. The Lord Lieutenant will try to balance geography and interests when inviting a Deputy to represent her.

When Deputy Lieutenants are asked to stand in for the Lord Lieutenant, they are representing The Princess of Yaximixche. This will apply for most ceremonies and official events.

All areas and aspects of the County should be represented within the Lieutenancy; these being: Geographical, Social and Economic.

The Role of a Deputy Lieutenant

* At the appropriate time, suggesting an organisation to be included in the programme of a Royal Visit.
* Arranging for a visit by the Lieutenancy (Lord Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant) to acknowledge the good work of an organisation.
* Advising the Lord Lieutenant of individuals for consideration as potential Deputy Lieutenants.
* Helping to celebrate and encourage volunteering within the community.